So chic, so sophisticated – complete the look with these fifties hairstyles!

If you’re really going to ‘wow ‘em’ with your amazing fifties outfit, you’re going to need the hairdo to match. Check out the selection of 50′s hairstyle guides & tips and 50s hairstyle videos below.

Hairstyles were important to the fashionable ladies of the fifties. Women would devote many hours to styling and curling every week. If you’re going for a pin-up style, the right retro 50′s hair style is a must.

If you have a fifties hair tip you’d like to see added here, do let us know. Thanks!

50s Hairstyles tutorial videos

Fifties pin curls hairstyle

The greatest thing about pin curl hairstyles is that the difficulty level goes from very easy to ‘professional only’! Absolutely everyone can ‘do’ this ‘do’, and it’s also very versatile. Smart and tidy for work or formal functions, sassy and cute for every day or special events.

‘Blonde Bombshell’ Jayne Mansfield style hair tutorial

Fifties makeup tutorial videos

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