How’s this for a tongue twister – we’re here to help other 1950’s fashion fans to find fantastic fifties dresses & accessories!

Basically we want to share our love for the gorgeous styles of the fifties and encourage more people to enjoy retro fashions.

Dressing in a 1950’s style can be a bit of fun or it can be a lifestyle choice – whichever it is for you, we hope you’ll find some useful products and links on our site.

We will update regularly with news on new items added, featured items and reviews on 1950’s style dresses & other items and sometimes just good old blogging about things we like in the world of fifties fashion.

Feel free to get in touch with us or suggest a link by leaving us a comment below. Thanks!

We love 50’s dresses and we want to help people find these beautiful pieces of clothing. We aim to help other fifties style lovers from head to toe – from the dresses & other 50’s clothing to the glamorous retro hairstyles and makeup – all this information is available here to help you achieve a proper 1950’s ‘look’.

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