Lindy Bop dresses – beautiful reproduction 50’s dresses – authentic 50’s style

We’ve only recently discovered the amazing quality of Lindy Bop 50’s style dresses but now that we have we’re going to posting about them a lot because they’re fabulous!

Lindy Bop have a great selection of really authentic looking 50’s dresses, made with a real eye for detail.

Their range includes pin-up pencil dresses and 50’s ‘wiggle’ dresses, very chic:

50's Black Pencil Dress from Lindy Bop 50's Red Pencil Dress from Lindy Bop 50's style Pencil Dress in Black from Lindy Bop 50's Sailor Style Blue and White Pencil Dress Lindy Bop

(most available in sizes 8-18 UK and an absolute bargain at under £30)

And extravagant or elegant 1950’s style gowns and 50’s cocktail dresses:

50's style Audrey Hepburn black cocktail dress from Lindy Bop 50's style red cocktail dress from Lindy Bop 50's style red polka dot dress from Lindy Bop 50's style light blue polka dot dress from Lindy Bop

Authentic looking 50’s fabrics

The fabric’s used in Lindy Bop’s 1950’s style dresses is different to that of most modern retro dress makers. We won’t mention any particular brands but it’s safe to say that a lot of other brands use obviously modern looking fabrics, which, although might still look pretty cool, means they lose some of their ‘class’ if you’re going for a truly authentic 50’s style.

Perfectly shaped 50’s dresses that hug your curves and give you a great figure!

You only have to watch a few movies or take a look at a photographs of female stars of the 1950’s to see how well the clothing accented their curves and was able to make women of the fifties look irresistible and full of class at the same time.

Lindy Bop have done a great job with recreating this look, with each dress seemingly hugging a woman’s figure in all the right places.

Affordable 1950’s style fashion

Customer reviews for Lindy Bop dresses are extremely positive and yet their prices are affordable for all types of budget.

It’s rare that you can get a well made and beautiful dress from a high street store for under £30 these days, but to be able to get specialist 1950’s dresses of such good quality for this price is amazing!

Shop for Lindy Bop 50’s style dresses now

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