Vintage vs. Reproduction – 1950′s style clothing choices

As with most things in life there are pro’s and con’s to both options when it comes to authentic vintage 1950′s clothing versus reproduction items – modern made clothing in a 1950′s style.

Let’s start with vintage fifties clothing…

When it comes to getting a retro style right, you can’t go wrong with vintage. These are the authentic items from the decade and you can’t get more genuine than that!

But, there are definite problems with wearing vintage outfits…

A lot of the fabric’s used in the 1950′s did not have the comfort or usability of the clothing we know and love today. Fabrics in vintage clothing can be coarse, uncomfortable and may shown signs of serious wear.

Another problem with vintage is sizing. In general, people were slimmer back then and many women wore girdles, and so finding fifties clothing that fits and looks natural on a modern body can be a real struggle. If you’re a larger lady you’re in an even worse position when it comes to vintage treasures.

This is where reproduction 1950′s clothing comes in!

Browse 1950′s style PLUS SIZE clothing:
- Fifties dresses available in plus sizes

- Fifties dresses available in UK size 16

- Fifties dresses available in UK size 18

- Fifties dresses available in UK size 20

But – it is still possible to find vintage items that fit and feel comfortable so it’s always fun to check your local vintage shops, charity shops and of course good old eBay.

Our favourite types of vintage items to hunt down on ebay are:

- 1950′s vintage bags
- 1950′s vintage jewellery
- 1950′s vintage coats

At times, eBay can be a much better asset than retailers when you’re searching for vintage items because as people clear out their old closets or the closets of elderly relatives, they’re listing these fabulous authentic items for sale – these are gems that are often impossible to find anywhere else!

So what are the ‘cons’ of reproduction 1950′s style clothing?

It can be hard to find designs that truly replicate the class of 1950′s clothing. They are there if you browse the items on the market, but some manufacturers can fall short of greatness when it comes to style.

Be careful not to choose anything that looks cheap (unless of course you are buying just for fancy dress fun) – the style of the fiftes was all about class.

A recommended solution to this whole problem is mix and match!

You can pair a modern made dress or outfit (made from a comfortable, breathable fabric in a size that actually fits!) with totally vintage accessories like bags, hats and jewellery. You’ll look and feel like a starlet when you strut down the street in your 50′s heels, clutching a beautiful authentic 1950′s purse.

Retro fashion should be fun – so make sure you enjoy your hunt for 50′s clothing!

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